Zydis  v3.2.0
ZydisDecodedInstruction_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRaw_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRawImm_ Struct Reference

Detailed info about immediate-bytes. More...

#include <DecoderTypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for ZydisDecodedInstruction_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRaw_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRawImm_:

Data Structures

union  ZydisDecodedInstructionRawImmValue_
 The immediate value. More...

Data Fields

ZyanBool is_signed
 Signals, if the immediate value is signed.
ZyanBool is_relative
 Signals, if the immediate value contains a relative offset. More...
union ZydisDecodedInstruction_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRaw_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRawImm_::ZydisDecodedInstructionRawImmValue_ value
ZyanU8 size
 The physical immediate size, in bits.
ZyanU8 offset
 The offset of the immediate data, relative to the beginning of the instruction, in bytes.

Detailed Description

Detailed info about immediate-bytes.

Field Documentation

◆ is_relative

ZyanBool is_relative

Signals, if the immediate value contains a relative offset.

You can use ZydisCalcAbsoluteAddress to determine the absolute address value.

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