Zydis  v3.2.0
ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandMem_ Struct Reference

Extended info for memory-operands. More...

#include <DecoderTypes.h>

Collaboration diagram for ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandMem_:

Data Structures

struct  ZydisDecodedOperandMemDisp_
 Extended info for memory-operands with displacement. More...

Data Fields

ZydisMemoryOperandType type
 The type of the memory operand.
ZydisRegister segment
 The segment register.
ZydisRegister base
 The base register.
ZydisRegister index
 The index register.
ZyanU8 scale
 The scale factor.
struct ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandMem_::ZydisDecodedOperandMemDisp_ disp

Detailed Description

Extended info for memory-operands.

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