Zydis  v3.2.0
ZydisDecodedOperand_ Struct Reference

Defines the ZydisDecodedOperand struct. More...

#include <DecoderTypes.h>

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Data Structures

struct  ZydisDecodedOperandImm_
 Extended info for immediate-operands. More...
struct  ZydisDecodedOperandMem_
 Extended info for memory-operands. More...
struct  ZydisDecodedOperandPtr_
 Extended info for pointer-operands. More...
struct  ZydisDecodedOperandReg_
 Extended info for register-operands. More...

Data Fields

ZyanU8 id
 The operand-id.
ZydisOperandType type
 The type of the operand.
ZydisOperandVisibility visibility
 The visibility of the operand.
ZydisOperandActions actions
 The operand-actions.
ZydisOperandEncoding encoding
 The operand-encoding.
ZyanU16 size
 The logical size of the operand (in bits).
ZydisElementType element_type
 The element-type.
ZydisElementSize element_size
 The size of a single element.
ZyanU16 element_count
 The number of elements.
ZydisOperandAttributes attributes
struct ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandReg_ reg
struct ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandMem_ mem
struct ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandPtr_ ptr
struct ZydisDecodedOperand_::ZydisDecodedOperandImm_ imm

Detailed Description

Defines the ZydisDecodedOperand struct.

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