Zydis  v3.0.0
ZydisDecoder_ Struct Reference

Defines the ZydisDecoder struct. More...

#include <Decoder.h>

Data Fields

ZydisMachineMode machine_mode
 The machine mode. More...
ZydisAddressWidth address_width
 The address width. More...
ZyanBool decoder_mode [ZYDIS_DECODER_MODE_MAX_VALUE+1]
 The decoder mode array. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the ZydisDecoder struct.

All fields in this struct should be considered as "private". Any changes may lead to unexpected behavior.

Field Documentation

◆ address_width

ZydisAddressWidth address_width

The address width.

◆ decoder_mode

ZyanBool decoder_mode[ZYDIS_DECODER_MODE_MAX_VALUE+1]

The decoder mode array.

◆ machine_mode

ZydisMachineMode machine_mode

The machine mode.

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