Zydis  v2.0.0-beta1
CommonTypes.h File Reference

Includes and defines some default datatypes. More...

#include <Zydis/Defines.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stddef.h>
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#define ZYDIS_NULL   ((void*)0)
#define ZYDIS_FALSE   0
#define ZYDIS_TRUE   1


typedef uint8_t ZydisU8
typedef uint16_t ZydisU16
typedef uint32_t ZydisU32
typedef uint64_t ZydisU64
typedef int8_t ZydisI8
typedef int16_t ZydisI16
typedef int32_t ZydisI32
typedef int64_t ZydisI64
typedef size_t ZydisUSize
typedef ptrdiff_t ZydisISize
typedef uintptr_t ZydisUPointer
typedef intptr_t ZydisIPointer
typedef ZydisU8 ZydisBool
 @briefs Defines the ZydisBool datatype.


 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisU8)==1)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisU16)==2)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisU32)==4)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisU64)==8)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisI8)==1)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisI16)==2)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisI32)==4)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisI64)==8)
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisUSize)==sizeof(void *))
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisISize)==sizeof(void *))
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisUPointer)==sizeof(void *))
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT (sizeof(ZydisIPointer)==sizeof(void *))
 ZYDIS_STATIC_ASSERT ((ZydisI8) -1 >> 1<(ZydisI8)((ZydisU8) -1 >> 1))

Detailed Description

Includes and defines some default datatypes.