Zydis  v2.0.0-alpha2
Zydis Directory Reference
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directory  Generated


file  CommonTypes.h [code]
 Includes and defines some default datatypes.
file  Decoder.h [code]
 Functions for decoding instructions.
file  DecoderTypes.h [code]
 Defines the basic ZydisDecodedInstruction and ZydisDecodedOperand structs.
file  Defines.h [code]
 General helper and platform detection macros.
file  Formatter.h [code]
 Functions for formatting human-readable instructions.
file  MetaInfo.h [code]

file  Mnemonic.h [code]
 Mnemonic constant definitions and helper functions.
file  Register.h [code]
 Utility functions and constants for registers.
file  SharedTypes.h [code]
 Defines decoder/encoder-shared macros and types.
file  Status.h [code]
 Status code definitions and check macros.
file  Utils.h [code]
 Other utility functions.
file  Zydis.h [code]
 Master include file, including everything else.