Zydis  v2.0.0-alpha1
Mnemonic.h File Reference
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typedef uint16_t ZydisMnemonic
 Defines the ZydisMnemonic datatype. More...


ZYDIS_EXPORT const char * ZydisMnemonicGetString (ZydisMnemonic mnemonic)
 Returns the specified instruction mnemonic string. More...

Typedef Documentation

◆ ZydisMnemonic

typedef uint16_t ZydisMnemonic

Defines the ZydisMnemonic datatype.

Function Documentation

◆ ZydisMnemonicGetString()

ZYDIS_EXPORT const char* ZydisMnemonicGetString ( ZydisMnemonic  mnemonic)

Returns the specified instruction mnemonic string.

mnemonicThe mnemonic.
The instruction mnemonic string or NULL, if an invalid mnemonic was passed.